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I help experts like you with knowledge to share to write a book they are proud to put their name on.

Build a Book Bootcamp

Learn a proven, repeatable process for how to structure, start, and stay on track to write a book you are proud to put your name on.

In this 90 day program, you'll learn:

  • How to articulate what your book is about in a single compelling sentence that keeps you on track and makes your audience want to read more.
  • How to identify exactly what your book’s contents should be, who your book will benefit, and why it is important for YOU to be the one to write it.
  • Fun, easy, repeatable methods for organizing and structuring your unique content.
  • How to write a short synopsis, how to use it while writing, and how to make it keep working even after your manuscript is finished.
  • Painless, intuitive ways to identify what information to include in each chapter.
  • How to plan a writing schedule that sets you up for success.
  • BONUS: How to write a compelling Author Biography, About the Book text, and other marketing copy.

The 90 Day “Build a Book Bootcamp” features Live, One-on-One Instruction and Includes:

  • 6 (45 minute) “Jump Start” Coaching Calls.
  • 6 Weekly Accountability / Coaching Calls.
  • “Story Structure Origami” manipulative useful for this project and every other creative project you ever undertake.
  • “8 Quadrants” method for ensuring that your project stays on track and ultimately contains all the information you want it to.
  • My commitment to ensuring that you understand each assignment and have the skills to complete it well.
  • Unlimited email access during the Bootcamp.

What you need:

  • Knowledge worth sharing. Something worth saying.
  • Computer equipped with Microsoft Word (preferred) OR Google Docs.
  • Reliable phone and internet connection.
  • Willingness to commit for the next 90 days to developing YOUR book and making it the best it can possibly be.

At the end of the Build a Book Bootcamp, you will:

  • Know why your book deserves to exist.
  • Know who needs to read your book.
  • Know what information you intend to include and have a plan for presenting it.
  • Have at least one quarter of your first draft finished AND...
  • ...Have a system in place for finishing the manuscript you have begun.

Write to The End!

Learn how writing just two pages a day will result in a book you are proud to put your name on.

This 22-week program picks up where Ami Hendrickson’s Build a Book Bootcamp leaves off. It includes everything in the Build a Book Bootcamp, PLUS:

  • How to craft interesting segues that keep your readers turning pages.
  • Why you’ll never suffer from Writer’s Block on this project.
  • How to write to “The End,” avoiding new writer mistakes that could derail your progress.
  • How to ensure your voice shines through as you polish your prose.
  • How to prep your finished manuscript for a professional editor.
  • BONUS: How to pull compelling excerpts from your manuscript draft and use them to generate reader interest.
  • BONUS: Master class in soliciting and receiving rave reviews – and using them to attract new readers.

“Write to The End” Includes:

  • Unlimited access to all coaching content from “Build a Book Bootcamp.”
  • Weekly Accountability / Coaching Calls until your manuscript is drafted*.
  • My commitment to ensuring that you understand each assignment and have the skills to complete it well.
  • Unlimited email access until your manuscript is drafted*.

* I want to see you succeed and will remain committed to your success as long as you stay committed to completing your manuscript.

What you need:

  • All the skills learned in the “Build a Book Bootcamp.”
  • Willingness to commit for the next 5 months to drafting the manuscript for YOUR book and making it the best it can possibly be.

When you Write to The End, you will:

  • Produce a manuscript that is ready for a professional editor AND...
  • ...Create supplemental materials for marketing the finished book.

Other Offers

The Last Story Structure Class You'll Ever Need

  • In this interactive class, you'll delve into the weirdly wonderful world of story structure, discovering how to use structure to supercharge your writing. You'll learn:
  • Why story structure is essential to your story.
  • Two hands-on, super-simple Story Structure Origami “art projects” to keep every project you ever write - from short stories to screenplays to narrative non-fiction to novels -- on track.
  • How structure can help you add sub-plots that enhance your A story while identifying narrative tangents that need to go.
  • How understanding structure can aid in adding supporting characters that make your main characters stronger and more memorable, without stealing their thunder.
  • Ways to use your arsenal of story beats to destroy writer's block. (With a tried-and-true Scene Steering exercise to jump-start your writing, even when you're not 100% certain what happens next.)
  • The structured edit: actionable structure-based ways to streamline your editing process.
  • Tips for using structure to perfect your pitches and queries.

Whose Line is it Anyway?

  • Bring a scene from your work in progress to this hands-on workshop dedicated to giving your characters unique, distinctive voices all their own. Add some tools to your Writer's Toolbox and engage in a variety of exercises to help you lose your voice... so your characters can find theirs.
  • Delete the Dossier! How to create a simple Here-&-Now filter that can be an even more effective tool than an intricate backstory.
  • Adventures in Ghostwriting: Tried and true tips for becoming invisible.
  • How to Make Cliches Your New Best Friend.
  • Five Easy Filters. A layered approach to building a multi-faceted, memorable character.
  • Inflating Flat Characters with Obliteration and Improv.
  • Speaking in Subtext. Say volumes without uttering a word.
  • The Benefits of Being an Evil Overlord. Why “throwing darts” at your characters is good for them. (BONUS: Dartboard practice.)

Exploring Ghostwriting, Co-Authoring, and Collaborating

  • Some things worth considering before you help make someone else’s book become a reality.
  • The Pros and Cons of Writing for Others.
  • How to Determine if a Ghosting Project is Right for You.
  • Introducing the “Six P's” filter to help analyze a project: Project, Person, Publisher, Professional Development, Promotion, and Profit.
  • At least one of the “Six P's” must be enough to bring you on board and keep you on board.
  • If more than one of the “P's” appeals to you, that makes a project doubly compelling.
  • If you can’t find anything in a project to get excited about, don't do it. You'll do yourself, and everyone who is committed to the project, a huge disservice.
  • Where to Find Ghosting Opportunities.
  • Before Beginning a Ghosting Project... Five critical things you must know before accepting a writing project to make sure you set yourself -- and the project -- up for success.
  • How to Ensure a Great Ghosting Experience. Know the answers to these four questions before writing Word One for someone else.